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rainharvest on polytunnel

Can we fit a gutter on a polytunnel as on a greenhouse (see project by Adam Pasco)? My polytunnel has a cover reinforced UPVC (PE) & UVI 150g/sm interwoven, and the frame is made of galvanised 25mm steel tubes. Would anyone have some recommendations/warnings?


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    There are loads of polytunnels around where I live, both commercial and domestic. I have never seen any rain gathering system on them, which does not necessarily mean the technology doesn't exist. There are companies on the internet that sell polytunnels and all their accessories, some even produce big fat catalogues; they may have something you could buy/copy at home.

  • The issue is going to be getting the water to run from the tunnel plastic into the guttering.  You could try mounting UPCV guttering on a supporting frame (easiest is to make that frame of wood) so that the side of the guttering touches the sides of the UPVC tunnel and then run a length of weather/UV proof clear tape along the length, so that water runs over the tape into the inside of the guttering.  The same tape you use when building polytunnels would do the job.

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  • hi you could use one of these ibc plastic tanks,they hold 250gl of water,you can bye them for around 80e,jack

  • Thank you very much BobTheGardener and Pondigger for the first video (I've got two waterbutts, but missing the gutter yet). Both suggestions are very helpful indeed. I'll see (when it stops raining...) what would be more appropriate to my polytunnel.

  • hi nad ,did you ever hook your gutters on the pollytunnel  imageponddiggerimage

  • Anybody an idea on how much water  needed to be stored per year   for a 3mX5m polytunnel?  Know it will vary with weather and  different crops but a ball park figure or range will be useful

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