Early Tomato Blight

Happy New Year to all.

Last year I had early tomato blight in my polytunnel. I know blight travels on the wind and I put this down to diseased potato stems being left on to site.

During the winter months I have sprayed all the inside of the tunnel with disinfectant and intend to water Jeyes fluid on the the soil . My tomatoes are grown in pots which a bury in the ground.

Is there any further precautions I can take?


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    Don't plant potatoes and tomatoes after each other - same family, both get blight. Hard to prevent, a lot depends on the weather. Only water on the ground, not overhead spraying.

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    You can also sign-up to Blightwatch - they will txt/email if blight is likely in your postcode


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    That's helpful Pete thank you

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    Ian, try and improve ventilation if you can (not easy with a polytunnel, I know) as all fungal diseases, including blight, are much more of a problem in humid conditions.  Try and keep water from dripping from the roof onto the leaves and avoid spraying tomatoes with water at all costs.  Last year I had late blight in my polytunnel but not a sign in my normal greenhouse and plants were packed much closer together in there.

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    Ian, Bob has it right in terms of prevention. Polytunnels can be a fungal trap. Like greenhouses, they can produce fungal diseases all of their own.

    If there are spores from last season, they will be on top of the soil having fallen from the leaves. Jeyes fluid won't kill them. Last season's Early Blight spores are only a problem if they splash back up onto new season's plant foliage during watering. Turn the soil over and you will bury any surviving spores. They can't do any damage underground.

  • Ian 4Ian 4 Posts: 26

    Thank you for your helpful comments, I have turned the ground over before applying the Jeyes fluid.


  • I agree with all the above, I installed an overhead watering system complete with timing device the crops loved it and then blight walked in  needless to say the watering system was thrown out. That was 3 years ago and, touch wood, I've not had blight in the g.h. since, Yann protected  his young plants by balancing 2 roof tiles together to protect them from the rain, Daniel and I didn't and we both lost our external crops to blight, the 3 gardens are within 300metres?

    What I would suggest to aid ventilation is build a frame at the dead end of your poly-tunnel and put a stable type door in it .

    Cheers for now,


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