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Greenhouse panels


So I am very excited to be buying my first proper greenhouse.

I have decided to go for a wooden greenhouse from Woodpecker Joinery.

They offer panels for the bottom part or floor to top glass and I am not sure what to go for. I can see how the panels might help keep it warm but do they not also block out the light?

Any thoughts/experience would be great.




  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,740

    if you're planning on planting into the soil of the greenhouse, or having pots / grobags on the floor, I'd have all glass, but if it's , for example,sitting on a concrete base and you're storing "stuff" under the staging, the panels would hide away any mess.

  • My greenhouse/shed combo from the same folks is coming in early Feb. I've gone for wood at the bottom for exactly the same reasons that Hosta suggests!

    Got the aluminium roof and the cedar tiles on the shed bit too, decided 'what the hell' as I am hoping to only have to buy one in my life...

  • Now I would say glass every time, cos you'll need the growing space. Those seedlings will need pricking out & take up more room, then there's all the slightly tender things you can grow now you've got a greenhouse and the things that need a bit of winter protection and you can grow some winter salads and.... well, you get the idea! The stuff can go somewhere else.

  • I'll be growing on top of the staging on the side towards the afternoon sun and in pots on the other side, since it will be 8' wide, I am not anticipating too much shadow.


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    I have a garden fence 5ft high on two sides of the GH and a magnolia tree from next door which shades the roof in the afternoon. There's never been any problems with growing cues/toms in beds and smaller plants go in pots on the staging.   

    A little shade won't make much difference and light streams in through the roof.

  • Hmm so looks like it is swings and roundabouts! Maybe I'll go half with panels, half without!

    Thanks all
  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 298

    My greenhouse is actually a summerhouse!  When we moved in to our place 3 years ago, there was a beautiful red cedar octagonal summerhouse in the back, barely used.  We called in a local company who make greenhouses, summerhouses etc. and they said the previous owners wouldn't have got much change from £3,500.00 when they bought it, and it had barely been used.  So, we got the company to replace the wooden roof with perspex and, for £600.00, got a beautiful greenhouse of top quality, the equivalent of which would have cost up to £3,000.00 - simples!  Of course, it's unheated and I have to go out to open the windows for ventilation but at the moment it has all my dahlia tubers, pelargonium and other patio plants duly cut back waiting for growing season plus a selection of nicely growing seedlings that I gathered back in the autumn - penstemon, aquilegia, delphinium, hollyhock, etc. etc.  With the wood panels at the bottom (about 2.5 feet), it's frost proof, hides all my bits and bobs.  The added bonus was that my hubby built in 2 lots of staging with the wood from the original roof.  What more could I want?!!

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