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What would you do with this huge garden?



  • what would I do? I no I would call in Alan Titchmarsh image you have a big job there definitely do research for low maintenance if you are any good at drawing maybe best to draw it out first to see what it will look like I would take out some of the grass and make shaped borders and put bark and flowers maybe add some more trees to the left as well good luck with your project I would love your size garden image

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,870

    Hope you will keep us updated with reports and photos ,I'm drooling alreadyimage

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 5,740
    For now I would just concentrate on keeping the grass cut and any shrubs maintained while you have a long think about how you want to use that wonderful space. Almost any 'garden' of that size is not going to be lower maintenance than the grass unless you spend a fortune on hard landscaping.

    You need to be really honest with yourself regarding the amount of time you are prepared to spend establishing the garden and then maintaining it and also how much money you can afford to invest.

    When you've decided all that, I do think it might be an investment to call in a garden designer to draw up some plans. A bit of money spent there might save expensive mistakes later on.

    Personally, I like the sound of a formal garden near the house, a fruit and veg area, a small orchard and a wild flower meadow and the idea of dividing the space into these areas with hedges.

    If you can get the gardening bug you will end up with the sort of garden most of us can only dream of - but take it slowly to start with, get some professional advice and keep us in the loop. We love a project image
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  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,626

    OB your gonna need a bigger table

  • Fantastic space......if it were mine I would keep some Alpacas.....always wanted some.....

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..spectacular.... and if I wasn't a gardener I would aim to keep it that way... most people would be impressed by that view.... in purchasing the property I would hope that I made allowance for buying an appropriate mower so I could attend to it during summer...but that certainly wouldn't be every week...

    ...a garden that size would put me off...for's just too big and would cost a fortune to don't get the bug too much... keep it as nice as it is....and you might want to move on in a very few years so wouldn't want to spoil it...

     ... my Greyhound would enjoy it too... when he's not doing this..



  • ninnin Posts: 216

    Buy a greenhouse or poly tunnel and grow from seed and cuttings or it will cost a fortune to plant up hedges and borders.

    Wow you are so lucky but its a big job.

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