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Leylandii hedges

There is a mature leylandii(I think) hedge about 10meter long, in our back garden. Over the years it has been left to grow and it must be 2meters wide and half of it is protruding into our garden, rest into our neighbour's. Hight is manageable. About 2.5m.
I tried to cut it back towords the boundary line 2years a go, but this has left some dead patches which will not grow anymore. My preference will be to get rid of it altogether, but it belongs to our neighbour.
I have this plan to take the bottom branches off up to 1.5 meter on my side only. Top section will be trimmed to shape or in cloud pruning style.
I am however worried that it will make this worse, as although I don't necessary like it, it is a bit of greenery when viewing from the house.
Keen to know what you think of my plans. Can you give me any other ideas?

ofcouse whatever we decide we will only do it on our side, but we will mention our plans to our neighbours before we start.



  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 380

    I had the same thing when I moved into my current property, the neighbours Leylandii hedge had never been cut on my side,it was a good 3' to 4' wide just on my side alone.

     I spoke to my new neighbour about cutting my side back to the boundary, she said she hated the hedge, so I removed it completely & erected a new fence , she paid for the fencing materials, result.

  • Might one suggest a flamethrower..? image

  • Seriously, best thing I ever did in the garden was paying a nice man to remove the 25' tall leylandii that dominated the end of the garden. Regained about ten feet of garden too!

  • Thank you. Getting rid of it is not an option as I already have asked my neighbour.

    sso I am wondering If my plans to give it a new look will work. Cut the bottom branches upto 1.5m and leave the top trimmed. Only on my side.


  • Whose side of the boundary is it on?
  • Ah. Just read more closely. Problem is that even if you cut it back, very little will grow in the ground beneath it. Time to go buy lots of nice, brightly coloured pots...
  • If you cut the branches off to 1.5m on your side it may well make it look a bit massacred from your neighbour's. That could cause some discussion! Does your neighbour not think that there is an alternative to Leylandii?

  • Thanks everyone. 

    Steve, yes you are right, and pots a good idea.

    joe, neighbour's will only be alto seethed side which is full length hedge anyway. 

    Another quetion, if I cut my side upto1.5m, will that affect the leylandii at all on uncut parts?

    since the neighbour's do not want to get rid of it, I dont want do anything which will kill the leylandii, just want a new look on my side.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,434

    Leylandii will not resprout from brown wood.

    If you trim it back hard to the boundary, you will have a view of dead brown sticks.

    You could cover that with clematis on chain link fencing, or ivy, depending on aspect.

  • I'd still consider a bottle of good wine and a friendly discussion with your neighbour about how much nicer a mixed wildlife hedge would be and how you would be happy to split the costs...
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