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I am trying to make a list of plants that rabbits won't eat.  I know they don't mind prickly things like roses and holly.  I guess they aren't keen on the sap in euphorbias.  Are  there any plants, particularly smaller flowery ones, that they won't touch?  Thanks.



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081

    In my experience there's not much they won't try unfortunately, and strangely holly holds no fear for them. I've seen holly bushes decimated unless they're protected initially. The only way is to fully protect any new shrubs you plant until they're established enough to be able to withstand some nibbling. Lots of damage is done by youngsters so keep protection on till they're big enough to keep clear of certain things they find unpalatable. They don't touch daffs and snowdrops and I found Pieris was often left alone. I had Acers, Berberis, Junipers, Honeysuckle and Clematis with no problem once they were mature, and Schizostylus (Kaffir lily) Lady's Mantle, Lilies, Phormiums, Potentillas and Loosestrife were left alone even as younger plants. Perennials are tricky because they just go for the new growth as soon as it appears. We had little Welsh poppies which they seemed to leave alone too. High raised beds with no means for them to jump up are the best solution if you want some nice flowers. Good luck! 

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    could you get rid of the rabbits? Those which live in my garden are kept under control by the foxes which live here too. The seem to have reached an understanding of sorts.

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609 experience of this personally, but I have a whole list here of plants that are considered rabbit proof...

    ..just a few from a list of about 80 or so and might include those by Fairygirl...

    Agapanthus, Aquilegia, Alchemilla, Bergenia,Brunnera, Corydalis,Crocosmia,Digitalis,Geranium, Hemerocallis...Kniphofia, Pulmonaria,Sedum, Trillium...etc..etc...

    ..if you want me to type out the rest...give me some time

    ...I suppose nothing is guaranteed...

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,700

    This site has a list

    My problem was deer, partially solved by high fencing.

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    I have a list typed out somewhere in my files, I'll look it out, it had some practical advise  for someone who kept horses too, she didn't want them poisoned, but the same advise would do if you have children, because plants that rabbits avoid are often poisonous to them and other creatures. I'll send it if I can find it.

  • DinahDinah Posts: 294
    • Trees and shrubs

    • (alder)

    • (monkey puzzle tree)


    • (strawberry tree)

    • (bamboo)

    • (spotted laurel)

    • (barberry)

    • (birch)

    • (butterfly bush)

    • (box) -Some toxic alkaloids


    • (winter sweet)

    • (Mexican orange)


    • - Toxic to humans

    • (dogwood)


    • (Japanese cedar)

    • (broom)

    • (spurge laurel)

    • Daphne mezereum (mezereum)

    • Deutzia scabra

    • Elaeagnus pungens 'Maculata'


    • (gum tree)

    • (spindle tree)

    • Euonymus latifolius


    • - hardy types - but has irritant sap


    • Gaultheria shallon

    • (sea buckthorn)

    • - Toxic to humans

    • Hypericum calycinum (rose of Sharon) - Toxic to humans

    • (calico bush)

    • - Toxic to humans.

    • (bay tree)

    • cvs. (tree mallow)

    • (privet) –alkaloid toxins.

    • (honeysuckle)

    • Olearia × haastii

    • Paeonia (peonies - 'tree' types)

    • spp. (mock orange)

    • (Corsican pine)

    • Poncirus trifoliata (Japanese bitter orange)

    • (cherry laurel)

    • (cherries)

    • spp. including

    • (sumach)

    • (currant - fruiting and ornamental types)

    • (spiny species roses, not hybrid teas etc)

    • (rosemary)

    • (butcher's broom)

    • (rue)

    • (elder)

    • (winter box)


    • Symphoricarpos albus (snowberry) – berry is toxic to humans

    • (lilac) Can cause colic in quantity.

    • (snowball bush, guelder rose)

    • (laurus tinus)

    • (periwinkle) - Toxic to humans

    • hybrids



    Hope this is helpful – Dinah.


  • DinahDinah Posts: 294

    Soft wooded

    • (bear's breeches)

    • (monkshood) –definitely very toxic to humans.

    • Adonis (Pheasants eye) - Toxic to humans

    • (African lily)

    • (bugle)

    • (lady's mantle)

    • (ornamental onions)

    • (Peruvian lily)

    • - Toxic to humans

    • & (Japanese anemones) Toxic to humans

    • Antirrhinum (snapdragon)

    • (columbine) - Toxic to humans

    • Artichoke, globe and Jerusalem

    • Asclepias (Swallow wort) - Toxic to humans

    • (Michaelmas daisy)

    • (Michaelmas daisy)

    • (elephant's ears)

  • DinahDinah Posts: 294
    • Catharanthus (Periwinkle) - Toxic to humans

    • Chelidonium majus (Celandine) - Toxic to humans

    • (glory of the snow)

    • (autumn crocus)

    • (lily of the valley) - toxic to humans.

    • Cortaderia selloana (pampas grass)

    • (hardy cyclamen) - Toxic to humans

    • Datura (Thorn apple) –Very toxic to humans

    • Delphinium- Toxic to humans, though rabbits take nibbles in my experience.

    • Dahlia (dahlias)

    • (foxgloves) toxic to humans.

    • (leopard's bane) Very toxic to humans.

    • (globe thistle)

    • (winter aconite)

    • (foxtail lily)

    • (sea holly)

    • (dog's tooth violet)

    • Also to add to trees and shrubs list Wiegella and Yucca

  • DinahDinah Posts: 294
    • (California poppy)

    • (spurges) - Toxic to humans and irritant sap.

    • Fritillaria (fritillaries) - Toxic to humans

    • (snowdrop)

    • (willow gentian)

    • Helenium autumnale

    • (sunflowers)

    • (not H. niger ) (hellebore) - Toxic to humans and irritant sap

    • (day lily)

    • (coral flower)

    • (bluebell)

    • (busy Lizzie)

    • (irises) - Toxic to humans

    • Kniphofia (red hot poker)

    • (dead nettles)

    • (snowflakes)

    • Linum perenne (flax)

    • muscari

    • (lupins) - causes gastric problems.

  • DinahDinah Posts: 294
    • Macleaya cordata

    • (musk mallow)

    • Melissa officinalis (bee balm)

    • (mints)

    • (grape hyacinth)

    • (forget-me-not)

    • (daffodil) – may be toxic to horses, certainly toxic to humans.

    • (catmint) - Attracts cats almost as much as Actinidia (Kiwi vine)!

    • Nicotiana alata sedative to goats in quite moderate quantities - Toxic to humans.

    • Orchids (hardy)

    • (marjoram)

    • (peonies)

    • Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) - Toxic to humans, Contains several alkaloids.

    • Pulsatilla (Pasque flower) - Toxic to humans

    • Petasites fragrans (winter heliotrope)

    • (New Zealand flax)

    • Phytolacca (poke weed)

    • (Jacob's ladder)

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