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Talkback: My garden pond

Same here...hole in pond liner and badly needing to re-do. However, it looks ok at moment, as torrential rain filled it up and before it had a chance to drain away it froze over. Lulled into a false sense of security for now. We have constructed a larger pond in another site in garden so don't know whether or not to keep damaged one and re-do or just carefully empty it all and fill in the hole?


  • I know this is something I need to do too. We had so many newts in the pond over the summer that I am worried about losing them if I muck the pond out. You seem to imply that sieving the muck is a good method - any other hints?
  • I too need to clean up my pond! When is the best time to do this so not to disturb all the wild life, its not more than 2' deep at the lowest point but the plants have all gone mad with roots creeping everywhere.
  • Surely, as an entomolgist you must know that this is not the best time of year to empty your pond as so many animals and insect larvae lie low in the warmer bottom of the pond until spring.
  • Alternatively, you could use your spare piece of liner to make a bog garden. Dig a suitable area to one spade depth, line the hole with the liner and return the soil. It will hold any rainwater and you can grow boggy plants...
  • We too have a pond, slightly larger! 14' x 10', full of frogs, newts and other creepy things. It gets so fouled that we really should empty it and start again. This seems an impossible task though. Anyone had similar experience? We would love some advice.
  • My pond, approx 3mtrs x 2mtrs x 1.5mtrs deep has been in existence for just over a year now and the water is as clear as it has been since I set it up. It isn't overshadowed by anything and is probably in full sun for 1/2 of the day (when the sun shines). I have 10 goldfish which are maturing nicely (rescued from previous pond as 1" specimens)and I would like to have some effective (but not smothering) top floating plants to give them some protection. I have the usual pond soldiers and some water chrysanths as well as a floating solar fountain and some water lilies, but I feel they are vulnerable without more cover. Having seen at least one frog, toad and newt lurking at verious times I am reluctant to disturb the sludge as surely it would contain edible things for all the wildlife. Obviously I remove any leaves that settle on the surface, to prevent them sinking and decaying. Should I leave things as they are or risk upsetting the balance by scooping out? Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received.
  • Wish I'd got Liz's space! Glad you have dug an even bigger pond but make your damaged one into a bog garden giving you a whole new variety of plants to grow and admire.

    My problem: my lily decided to float out of its basket in September resulting in better growth and production of flowers but will it die left floating in freezing conditions? When should I attempt to haul it out and replant it?

  • I'd like to know when the best time is for cleaning up a pond and how often it should be done. Weeds take over all winter and we only clear them when it's warm enough to go outside without a coat on. But I'd love some proper guidelines about keeping it healthy and not overgrown.

    Our method is pond-care by neglect and ignorance. Flag irises take over and make huge immovable mats with their roots, and so does watercress. We put in goldfish and koi, but frogs, newts and toads turn up in droves. We get bats flitting over, unusual birds with no fear of us, amazing beautiful insects that look like humming-birds. And we've no idea of what most of them are.

  • Like Rosemary we have a large pond - ours is even larger - I reckon it's around 25 feet by 40 so have an IMMENSE job to take on. But I too would like advice on when is best time of year to give it an overhaul. We have newts, frogs, toads etc, plus had moorhens nesting this year so how do we best keep everyone/thing happy?!
  • can anyone give me advice on how to keep our pond water clear. The pond was put in April 07 and has a UV filter and waterfall but we cannot get on top of the algae problem. Pond size 7ft by 4ft by 1.5 ft deep.
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