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Watched an episode of great garden revival, all about pelagoniums,Didn't realise that they are incorrectly labelled geraniums at most garden centres,The presenter compered the two plants and the difference is amazing.They arn't even the same plant named differently but two totally different plants.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,989

    They used to be called geraniums (except for the ones that were called Regal Pelargoniums) , then at some time during my lifetime they were correctly reclassified as pelargoniums and garden centres called them pelargoniums, leaving the hardy geraniums (cranesbill type) to be the only ones called geraniums.

    However, many people continued to call them geraniums - some gardeners are quite stubborn and insisted on calling them what they and their grandfathers had called them, so I think that many of the garden centres have just given up and label them geraniums otherwise there's a large contingent of gardeners who won't buy them 'cos they think they're something different. image

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  • will6will6 Posts: 31

    Dovefromabove,Thanks and your reply mirrored what the presenter said,Thats what i love about gardening you never stop learning.

  • The same thing happened to Dipladenias, suddenly they were called Mandevilla.   Very confusing when for years and years you have been growing dipladenias.   I was not a happy bunny!

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