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Talkback: Kestrel

Was amazed on two occasions last year to see a bird which my husband informed me was a kestrel in our back garden. On one occasion he was on the fence, the next time on top of the bird feeder. Needless to say not too many birds around the feeder at the time. Haven't seen him since but keep hoping.


  • I have a big problem with the mess on my paving around the greenhouse, caused by wood pigeons roosting in a very large fir tree which overhangs the garden. The staining seems impossible to remove even with a power washer.Any suggestions apart from taking out the tree!
  • re kestrel in Dunfermline -there is one which lands occasionally in and around my allotment.The sparrows are terrified
    when it's around, they shelter deeply into dense growth or dart to hide in Leylandii.
    It was hovering today, but flock of seagulls chased it away -last seen heading due south, possibly towards Fife!
  • Can anyone help. We seem to have a mole in our garden for the first time. We noticed a heap of soil about two weeks ago. It's getting worse! Can anything be done or do you have to wait until they move on!!!
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