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Talkback: How to grow onions, shallots and garlic

As we have lots of snow in the garden and the ground is very cold can I start onion sets off in individual pots and then transplant them into the veg garden later. I was so late getting my onion sets planted last year they did not grow.


  • Just a reply about setting your onions off in trays. I have done this for the last two years it is almost like making a little plug plant. the roots really take off. I have a couple of great trays for this purpose and there are about 50 small but deepish spaces for the onions. Pop them in the greenhouse and they will love it. With seeds I put them in small pots wrap newspaper around each pot and the seeds love that too.
  • I have recently bought onion sets and shallots but due to the adverse weather conditions, I will not consider planting out until the soil is warmer etc. Whilst I have previously started off garlic in pots in my greenhouse, I have not tried this with onion sets. However, I will try this year and will be interested to compare the results with previous years' yield.
  • I cut a toilet roll in half fill with compost and pop the onion set in, as soon as the roots are showing through the bottom I plant out, this is the best method I have found to work for me.
  • I have just bought a greenhouse and i,m new to all this.I have grown potatoes and 1 tomato plant any tips would be i would be great.Thanks
  • Put garlic in 09.10.11, like Monty D said; 2 varieties: Marco and Cristo. Cristo isn't showing at all, but all the Marco are up and a couple of them are 4in tall already!

  • you don't say WHEN to plant sets????
  • Now I see March 4th on label!! silly me!
  • when in march do onion sets go in
  • I have I brought some onions in seed form, and have planted them in seed trays . There is now stem of 3 inches or so, should I be leaving them in there or should I be putting them in pots know to grow further?
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