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Unknown invaders!

Last November following planting some tulip bulbs in terracotta pots,was surprised to find the following morning some had been removed and half eaten......was wondering if anyone one else has had the same experience......maybe a pheasant or a squirrel?


  • Hi PF,thanks for replying.....didn't see teethmarks......we do have squirrels and a couple of pheasants.....have used protective material which allows light and rain into the pots plus a bundle of new bulbs....just crossing my fingers.So far so good.

  • Yes good idea.......I agree with you.......never had the problem before.We had badgers visiting a few years ago.....they were interested in the birds' fatballs......

  • One year every time I took compost out of the sack I found crocus bulbs in it.  I can't believe the compost company packed it full of crocus bulbs so concluded that mice or squirrels had been hiding them away during the year waiting for the cold weather.

  • Cunning Devils! Think the problem is solved GG.
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