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Well with all this rain I think I could have filled up my 2 water butts twice over especially as they were already full, hey anybody else got a lot of rain at the minute?

Think I could do with more butts at this rate the plants are definitely getting a drink


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    ha haaaaa... I have two butts .. one connected to shed roof.. that fills relatively slowly but the other one is by our lean too which fills daily if raining...I got soo fed up emptying it that I now just leave it to overflow onto garden...I guess its different if its near the house due to possible dampness... if so then easiest thing is to move it..

    I was overloaded during the summer with rain water & no need to water garden as already done.. I bet next year we will be saying theres not enough in the butts...

  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 3,862

    My 2 water butts are next to the house,  They are nice and full the weather is ok to day but not sure I will need to use much water today- maybe a bit for the small greenhouse for the plants in there and a bit to clean out the compost food buckets from the house.

    Just need to check the rest of the garden is ok after the wind storm to go with all that rain.

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    I actually open the tap of mine- off the shed- usually about Nov so it's empty at the mo. I have had the water in one freeze in the past & so crack a, possibly, weakened seam! I reclose it about mid-late Feb.

    I've also got a large tub collecting off my greenhouse & that is full & gives me any water I need for the big pot plants if we get a dry winter. J.

  • Here in the west we have more than our fair share of rain,my water butts are both full and the overflow into the pond is over flowing .the bottom of my garden has reverted back to being a duck pond.In  a nearby wood there has been  a land slide of trees onto a path.Unless this rain stops I fear we will just float away even if I live on a hill.image

  • I picked up a top tip from some gardening guru, who advised plopping in a tennis ball into a water but that has a lid on it. some also put a suitable piece of timber in.

    If the tub should freeze the ice crushes the wood or tennis ball and hopefully saving the tub.

    It did work for me last winter.

  • I have 5 butts, all full to overflowing, a saturated garden, flooded lane and a stream 3 times its normal depth - don't talk to me about rain image

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