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How to hide fenced

We just removed a large area of bramble, bush, hedging and regained a 3rd of the garden and installed new fencing. We don't want to encroach on the gained land, well as little as possible but want to build up with the odd small tree, good size shrubs and climbers to defuse the brand new side/fencing. Some shade through the day but we need to add height at the end of the garden which is in sun all day. We are real garden novice's so any advice welcome.

My wife is Oz and would also love a type of Eucalyptus but one that's not going to grow to 20/30mtrs. Not sure if this exists. Thanks already 


  • Wayne,

    This is one of those times of year to spy on other people's gardens and see what looks good. You'll also have to do the same in spring and summer. Plant what you like the look of, but do the research to see if there are any downsides (such as it spreads like wildfire or grows too tall or wide).

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    you could always plant eucalyptus and coppice or pollard it regularly, some take coppicing/pollarding better than others

    have a look at the below site, it should give you some ideas


  • image

     It can be useful for you....

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,406

    imageclemantis , there are different types for shade , sun and flowering at different times again need to check type and honeysuckle could be grown up fence 

    for winter green there is holly trees again just keep it well cut 

    I like roses 

    good idea to have a look and see what others are growing

    best of luck image


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