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I have grown dahlias for the first time and have had a wonderful display. Unfortunately I have left them in the ground, there has been quite a severe frost and now, following a spell of very wet weather, the ground is soaked.

Is it better to lift them now and store or leave them in the hope they will survive? If it makes any difference to the answer I live in Northern Brittany which has a Cornish like climate and the soil is on the loamy side. Hope some one can help. Thank you, Wadie


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Hi Wadie

    i think I'd be inclined to leave them to their own devices. Bearing in mind the cold spell we had over Christmas and into the new year I think that if they've survived that they should be fine.  Disturbing now may do more harm than good.


  • I wish I could leave mine in the ground but our freeze does down 4 ft and you couldn't get through it with a pick axe


  • wadiewadie Posts: 6

    Thanks every one for your advice. Verdun, I think I will take your advice and dig up a couple and see what I have. If they are ok then dig up the rest. Cheers


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