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Splitting a clump of Trachycarpus Fortunei

Hi - hopefully this is simple question to answer. I just want advice on how when and how to best split up three Trachycarpus Fortunei growing in a single pot to three separate pots. The palms are about 3 ft tall excluding root system and currently have been in the same pot together for about 3 years.

They seem healthy enough but do seem to be fighting a bit for space and I suspect they may grow to be larger and healthier if each in their own large pot.

Really want to know any special treatment or techniques I should use, and also what time of year would be best.

Many thanks to you all.


  • Thank you both. Yes, it is 3 plants not 1 plants with 3 stems.

    Is now a good time of year to do this?


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    I split several Washingtonia palms last year. I used a hose to remove most of the soil and they came apart with most of their roots intact quite easily. I added some bonemeal and feed and fresh soil and they have done well in the ground since. Trachycarpus are far hardier and will grow much bigger in the ground than in a pot.

  • Thank you to everyone. Very helpful.

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