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Morning all ,bit of a funny one ere, I grew from seed  (  so easy ) about 10 Victoria  Rhubarbs ,I planted them on, fed on Comfrey and raw seaweed tea, and they were just smashing ,good stalks and healthy big leaves, the question is this ,all the stalks we left to ripen and die off , nothing touched only  the slugs had a nibble,now they are still in there positions and almost gone,so do i just leave them for the winter as they are or lift them for the green house for there first year, I understand they love the cold so ??,also if they grow again next year is this classed as there first proper year as a crown and not pulled or can we pull and eat as if its there second year,? Many thanks,  O and looking at the price,s of crowns last year  I found the seed growing a complete doddle and so so rewardingimage



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    Another year as Verdun says Alan, I would have pulled the gone over stems then covered the crown with a mix of well rotted manure and compost, thin on the crown but deep around it.


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    Right thats what i,ll do,picking in 2016 and iv got the horse muck ready so thats on this week,Many thanks Verdun and Frank, absolutely chucking it down erein Munsimage

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