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Verve BnQ bare root roses

Hi all!

I bought a couple of Verve Fragrant roses that are bare rooted. Can anyone give me some tips on planting them properly, please?


  • LesleyKLesleyK Posts: 4,029

    Verve is just the name the retailer has for their range. Do the labels give more information, eg names, best position, soil type?  I'm sure they will do well.  Are they going in pots or in the ground?

    Good luck and I'm sure others will give you good infoimage

     tw I've had great results with Aldi rosesimage


  • Brilliant! They're going into pots- the back says-


    Will thrive in most well drained soils

    Dig soil over before planting, adding bonemeal to promote strong growth

    When planting, remove from packaging and soak roots well. Plant so the stems of the rose are just below the level of the surrounding soil.


    I don't have bonemeal- and how can I make sure my pots are well drained? I don't have any grit (still haven't bought any)- is there any other way I can make sure they're nice and drained? The pots I'm using are your average plastic pots with holes.

  • LesleyKLesleyK Posts: 4,029

    If there is a graft joint (where a plant is put onto another rootstock) make sure it is underneath the compost.

    I've sometime used polystyrene (broken up) at the bottom of containers.  It does leave them more vulnerable to the winds though.

  • lmwlmw Posts: 9

    Bonemeal isn't necessary. I use rootgrow mycorrrizial fungi on the roots of my bareroot roses, they establish better. Planting the graft union an inch or two below the soil as suggested above, is also really good advice.  I don't worry too much about drainage, I just raise my pots off the ground with pot feet (or bits of brick!)  so that the holes in the bottom are not obstructed. I usually also drill some more holes as often plastic planters dont really have enough.

    Use John Innes no3 or another loam based compost, not multi pupose compost. Apart from the plants nutritional needs, it helps prevent the pot tipping over as mentioned above.

    It'll be ok to start with smaller, but you will eventually need some good sized pots - a shrub rose will want a pot that's a minimum 50cm across, and bigger is better. You can get away with smaller if it's a patio or minature rose.

    In a pot you will need to regularly feed and water your rose during the spring and summer and possibly autumn - they are much more needy plants in pots than in the ground. A handful of chicken manure pellets in the spring when it starts growing, and then tomorite or similar every few weeks when it's blooming are good starting points.








  • Thank you so much! One more question- How should I soak the roots?

  • DERP! Of course, haha! I was wondering if there was some special way of doing it I don't know and I would kill it...

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