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hardy fuchsia

I picked out a dozen hardy fuchsia this year small plants but they have come on well,now what ,do I leave them out side or put them in a cold greenhouse they are still a little small. Any help please


  • To be on the safe side for this year, as they are young plants I would keep them in an unheated greenhouse with the pots sunk into old compost in a tray under the staging. They need to be kept just damp and if there is frost forecast, lay a double sheet of newspaper over them.

    Bring them out when all chance of frost has passed, prune them by 1/3rd, which may mean just removing dead tips. Plant out in the garden and they should be fine to leave ouside permanently unless you suffer from frost regularly, in which case you may need to cover the plants with straw or similar during the winter. They may be cut back to the base if the weather is very severe but most hardy fuschias will break again from the base.


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