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Hi all, I love watching Gardeners world and have done so for many years but I really feel now is time for a change of presenter. Monty is a nice guy but the programme has become so boring. Please bring back Toby and Alice who had so much enthusiasm and different ideas. Kind regards, Carol.   



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    All a matter of opinion I think Carol. Hang about and you'll get all the opinions.image


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    Have to agree with Carol, it has become really boring. Not much information for anybody new to gardening unless they want to know about box hedging dying and how to dig up plant and replant them.

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,336
    Nut ....image

    I'm afraid I stopped watching when Toby & Alice were presenting - not my cup of tea at all - and only started again when Monty came back! I like his rather laid back chatty style & he reminds me that it's OK if things don't go to plan in the garden or I don't get my plant placement quite right.

    Not a fan of Joe S or Rachel d T - but I do enjoy watching Chris Beardshaw & Carol Klein - they really know their stuff.
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  • I'm saying nowt! image

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    Well David, if you say nothing, there will be nothing for me to say!

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    When you don't even know who's in the team

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  • punkdoc wrote (see)

    Well David, if you say nothing, there will be nothing for me to say!


    Ah, but when I say summat, lots of peeps have lots to say....then I wish I had have said nowt.

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    ditto to that David K.


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    Alice was good when she knew her stuff - not forest gardening then - but Toby was truly dreadful - bad ideas, shoddy work, incomplete projects, no follow up and he was disrespectful of both plants and tools.

    Monty is a bit boring and definitely out of touch with people with small plots and/or little experience and/or limited time and resources but he's a practical gardener and amiable.

    I get much more pleasure and info from Beechgrove which has the added bonus of Chris Beardshaw and lots of practical info and comparisons of methods and products. 

    Carol Klein is good but needs to learn the art of presenting in a normal, conversational tone of voice.

    The main problem with GW is the production team.  I get the distinct impression tehy are not gardeners and do'nt find plants or gardening particularly interesting and that is reflected in the choice of topics and the camera angles and focus.


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    Verdun I think this thread will kick off without you being naughty image it usually does. 

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