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I have 5 yuccas in my backyard Which should be almost 5 years old. They are getting yellow on the leaves and there are some brownish spots on few of the leaves as well. The leaves which have died with the spots on them are having small black dots in the spot ( maybe spores?)


does anyone know if this is a fungus attacked my yuccas or something else? Also what should I do about it?






  • Nina 3Nina 3 Posts: 3



    Many thanks Edd for your response. I am not sure if it is black spot since it looks completely different. I am quite sure it should some kind of fungi but have no idea what kind. It should be helpful to know what exactly. I tried to post the photo again.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Do you know what variety of Yucca they are? Few of them are hardy, some half hardy and most tender. The first pic does not look like a hardy Yucca though the second looks like Yucca Gloriosa which is.

    Yellowing is a sign of deficiency of things like Nitrogen and Magnesium. A general feed would help. I would also improve drainage.

  • Nina 3Nina 3 Posts: 3
    Thank you all for your responses. I'm living in Australia and it's summer now so I don't think water is an issue since I tried a for a while and did not work. However, I cut off the leaves with brown spots. I have no clue what specie these are but hope they survive since all the beauty of the backyard depends on them ????

    I'll let you know if they get worst or better and thanks again for your advices image
  • NINGNING Posts: 1

    Hi Nina 3,

    Came across your postings.  I had two big Yuccas in my front yard and like yours the beauty of yard depends on them.  I start having similar problems.  Some of leaves yellow/white on part of the leaves and the diseased portions are growing larger.  My question to you is, did you get good luck after you cut off the bad leaves?



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