Cuttings - what happens next?

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Can anyone tell me how I should treat my softwood cuttings after the initial stages ?  I think I have got the hang of where to cut, what potting medium to use, terracotta pots, cuttings at the side etc etc.  I have then put the pots in propagators with lids on, and put them on the lower shelf of my unheated greenhouse.  Four weeks later they are still there, and haven't keeled over yet.  image 

But what next ??  Do I leave the covers on indefinitely?  How often should I water them ?  When can they come up to the top shelf and into the sunlight ? And then how do I get them through the winter ?  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Ones on the go at the moment are penstemmon, viburnum, phlox, lavender and hydrangeas .....

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    Sue, Patience is a gardeners best tool sit and wait is the way to go.
    Penstemon, 3-4 inch pot of loam peat and grit, pop in a cold frame or greenhouse and then in Spring plant out the rooted cuttings.
    Same with all the others I would not cover them if they are in a greenhouse as it can cause damp problems, as long as they are under cover out of draughts and can get light, keep them just damp through the coldest periods then watch them come to life in the spring.


  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,188

    Thanks very much Palaisglide - I will go and take the covers off.  Do you think they will be alright in an unheated greenhouse?  Will I have to cover them with fleece if frost is forecast?

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
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