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I would like advice on the perfect rose for me please guys

Hello, I would like to grow my first rose, scent is quite important, it is a shaded spot, it will have to be grown in a pot as all I have is a balcony and I have a nice iron obelisk I would like it to grow up which is 150cm high . Hope that's not too demanding....... image would really appreciate some ideas. Thanks guys.


  • Try a repeat flowering  old rose, I have a couple going up my north facing pergola in large pots. Climbing roses Zephirine Drouhin and  Alchymist do well too in large pots facing north.They are both very fragrant and the first one is thornless too. Good luck!

  • Don't mind the thorns too much. Are there any white flowering roses that would work for me?
  • Go to the well known rose web sites and you will be spoilt for choice.

    David Austin and Peter Beals are well illustrated and beautifully set out.

  • Try this site- I was a total rose novice this time last year and it helped to find the right kind:


  • There is no other rose to compare with "Jude the Obscure"

  • I have a rose  called Iceberg which is a climber and is white with a tinge of pink.It is robust and I have taken many cuttings and it flowers twice if you prune it in summer.I have one by my front door which gives that gentle scent as you go in and one in the back garden.very hardy and beautiful.image

  • flowering rose - sounds amazing - do you have a photo?!

    Paul B - that has to be the best rose name ever image

  • I will have a look but if not have to wait untill next year.dashing to the album.image

  • image

    this is side ways on(I am not very good at uploading)on mass this looks stunning.

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    Have a look at David Austin's website. Some of his bush roses can be grown as short climbers and most are scented. I have a lovely pale yellow, fading to cream, rose called "The Pilgrim". It's growing in a pot and is in the shade in the afternoon. I mixed rotted horse manure with compost, filled half the pot (it's quite big) then topped up with compost. I feed it in Spring and again in late summer and it repeat flowers. The flowers are very double. It's also disease resistant and has fresh green leaves. It has a lovely fresh, not cloying, rose scent.

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