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Newbie with a large garden

Hi all 

I'm new hear and have just found you on google.

im a novice when it comes to gardening and have always owned houses with small back gardens. I have just bought a house with a massive garden, the full plot is 3/4 of an acre! I'm looking for some advice on tree felling and mainly on wood chippers.

Basically the gardens perimeter is surround by many trees which the majority of them are under preservation orders, however there are some really large conifers which are quite close to the house. I would like to have these removed. 1 to allow the light in a bit more and 2 it will allow the trees around them a bit more space to breath. 

I would love to hear your opinions on how I can get rid of the waste such as using a wood chipper etc. I will try and upload some photos so you can see what I mean. 

Please go easy on me as I am a true beginner and I'm already nervous about looking after such a large area!!



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  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 10,208

    Hi Paul - great garden - you're going to have lots of funimage

    We have had to have some conifers taken down in the past.  The guy who came and did the work had his own chipper, but was happy to leave the chippings with us. We have then used them to line a few paths, make a greenhouse floor covering, and as a weed suppressant/mulch on areas where shrubs are growing (not flower beds).

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  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,125

    I think you need to get rid of the ones you don't want and then get someone qualified in who knows what they are doing to maybe lift the crowns to let in more light, thin out overlong limbs before they do damage, and tidy up the preservation order ones too.

    If you're not in a hurry to drastically change your garden, you could see what will come up during the year, bulbs, etc.

    Looking at your last photo, you'd never guess there was a house there image The view from above is awesome.

  • Hi 


    many thanks for your swift response. I will attach another photo which shows the conifer in the back ground I'd like to get rid of first. I agree that we should wait for a full year before we do any drastic changes. The house has been with the same family for the last 80 years so any changes we do make we feel have to be sympathetic to its history so we have to bear this in mind.

    we certainly have our hands full as there is quite a bit to do inside the property too!

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,159

    Conifers that big need a fully qualified and insured tree surgeon, just in case anything goes wrong.

    I'm really jealous of the space you have. You can turn it in to your own private paradise.

    I agree with gardenmaiden, wait a while to see what bulbs etc will appear, send for seed and plant catalogues to fuel your imagination.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help , it would help us if you could mark which way is north, and if possible, whether the soil is sand or loam or clay, and if it is limey, acid or neutral pH

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  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,433

    What a fantastic plot. Fidget is right about the tree surgeon and you will be able to decide what you want to keep as logs and chippings or whether to have it all removed. With that much woodland, however, I feel that you would benefit by having your own chainsaw - get some training if you haven't used one - and a chipper. The petrol ones are essential for a larger garden and are real workhorses, producing heaps of invaluable material for compost. Properly aged, your logs will be great for winter fires in a log burner and the chippings can be used for paths but I pile ours up neatly in an out of the way place and leave them for two or three years, after which they have turned into rich, brown, earthy compost for mulching or soil improvement. You sound like you have lots to keep you busy, so don't rush and do enjoy every minute!


  • It is a lovely plot and will be even better if you reduce any over shading. I bet you will have loads of birdlife, not to mention squirrels, but you will need to get the tree surgeon in fast for that conifer before the birds start nesting. I have a fair number of large trees in my garden and use a Bosch shredder to reduce the huge piles of prunings and the smaller branches I get whenever I do any tree work. I have safely felled quite big trees myself provided that there is somewhere safe for them to fall. I use my trusty bow saw as I feel more in control that way and rope it and pull from a safe distance to ensure it falls where I want it to when it just begins to move slightly. Don't try this in windy weather.

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