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Saying bye bye to ants

I have poured paraffin on some serious ant  hills in my front garden. I assume the little Bu****ers are all stiffs now. Am I safe to shovel off the top of these quite large humps to level what used to be grass. Now dead for a while. For those who think I'm a monster I was initially advised to use petrol. EEEEeeekkk!!! First I must find my Spade buried in back garden weeds

PhilBoy xxximage


  • Don't waste money on petrol my darling, dismantle the ant hills with a rake and they will disperse. They are vevy good allies as they feast on aphids.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Ants don't feast on aphids. Far from it. They transport aphids around from plant to plant to feed off their secretions. Ants and aphids are partners in crime.

  • i have aphids on my chilli plant that has been inside all year no idea where they came from!!! have sprayed with lots of soapy water but they still keep coming back it seems... any ideas??


    boiling water does a great job on ant hills, although it does leave you with a bald patch on the lawn image


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    I find a garlic or chilli (or even garlic and chilli) spray works better on them than plain soapy water.


  • thanx one an all. I plan to use the rake method as I dont begrudge the little Bug***s life but my rotary mower hates their humps

    Phil XXX

  • OH NO! Ants don't feast on aphids, they farm them like we use cows and even carry aphids to tasty plants.

    To get rid of ants, place a large pot upside down over nest and put weight ontop.  Leave for several weeks, ants will move nest up inside the pot.  When well established, slide shovell under and put into bucket of water.

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