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Newbie needing help

Hi I wonder if anyone can give me some advice; I have recently moved into a new home, (rented) and it comes with a greenhouse, garden, and little veg patch; I'd really like to take advantage of using it but haven't a clue what, how or when to grow; I think my first thing to do is clean it out and clear the soil floor in the greenhouse and surrounding it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, with what I should be doing and where and what to get for the greenhouse etc; Next, would be I'd love to start plating and growing some things, but haven't a clue what I can sow now? I like all sorts of fruit and veg, chillies etc but don't want to go mad first as I'm totally new to it, I’d like to plant some things I could possibly use over Christmas, but I'm totally open to suggestion. Really appreciate any advice you can give, and think lowest common denominator as I haven't a clue.

Some pics attached, perhaps might give people a better idea, plus identify what’s already there, probably all weeds, would you recommend pull everything up and start new? and maybe do something with the soil?





  • Welcome Darren I'mnot a veg grower and I'm sure someone more expert will responds. I just thought you could plant some bulbs for the springs, and wait and see what turns up next year in the flower garden.
  • I think the best thing you can do is read as much as time allows about veg growing. Then spend a year trying different things. Try anything you would like to eat. That really is the best way to learn in my opinion, trial and error. Herbs are always a good place to start though.
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    I would strongly recommend Joy Larkcom books as a comprehensive veg growing guide. Weather permitting, runner beans and courgettes are fairly bullet proof, but not till next year now. You might be able to get some salad going now in the greenhouse. Enjoy!
  • Hi. I would be inclined to dig up the patch, get some 2x4s to make a raised bed, fill with good soil and compost, get down your garden centre and buy some potted cabbages, onion sets, challot sets and garlic bulbs along with seeds for some oriental greens to sow in between the rows you plant. At least these veg will agave time to overwinter. I think there are also varieties of broad bean that are hardy too, not sure myself as I'm new to this.

    HTHs and anyone can correct me if I'm singing from the wrong song sheet.

    By the way, what area are you growing in?
  • Hi Darren I got my first greenhouse this year so still on a learning curve there. I grew lots of tomatoes chillies and cucumbers and they all did really well. I have 2 books which im always referring to The Allotment book by Andi Clevely and Food from your allotment fron Readers Digest. Broad beans can be sown now and you may find some brassicas at a garden centre to start you off. Give your greenhouse a good clean out as you dont know what pests are lurking. Read up over the winter and decide what you want to grow.

  • Hi, ref where you are from, nvm, I see you're in Cardiff. Small world, my names Darren, I was born in 1976, and live about 25 miles north of you lol
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    Broad Beans; The Sutton, which is small, suitable for a small garden. Spinach; Giant Winter from this was recommended by Monty Don, and garlic can all be planted about now. I do suggest watching gardening programmes as they are relevant to the seasons (even though some of the presenters are a bit irritating) Cheap seeds; Wilkinsons, also Lidl sometimes though I don't know if they exist in Cardiff. All seed packets will tell you what time of year to sow and whether to sow in g/house or open ground. The library is great for greenhouse and gardening books. Your neighbours will tell you what works well in your area. Beware shops like B&Q; tend to be pricey. I hope you really enjoy your new garden!

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    Just had a look through your pics.You've got a few healthy looking foxgloves (in the first pic they are the paler green plants on the right), can't really identify much more except what looks like oxalis (clover leafed plant on left of 7th pic, in greenhouse) - a weed. I'd be tempted to clear the lot, and give the greenhouse a good clean. I've never seen greenhouse staging with glass shelves before, I'd be wary of putting too much weight on it.

    The soil outside the greenhouse has some moss, which to me would indicate poor drainage. Yup, get digging and clearing!

    It looks like the previous tenant has left a lot of useful stuff (staging, pots, watering can and canes etc)

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  • Little leaves in the corners of your green house are forget-me-nots - dig them up and put them outside with some tulip bulbs - will look lovely in late spring. Would also put in some bulbs for early colour. Also this month's issue of gw mag has a great offer on perennials!

    In the greenhouse I'd give it a good wash out and dig over, put some chicken manure pellets in and plant lots of lettuce seeds, winter density and gem are good and should survive the cold.

    Then tuck yourself up with a cup of tea and big pile of gardening books.

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