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Grow Your Own Birdfood

The latest email from GW says I can find out how to grow my own bird food.  I think I already do.  I grow cabbage, peas, kale, sprouting broccoli, spring greens etc.  The pigeons certainly think I am growing these just for them.

As well as that I plant bulbs for squirrels to eat, lots of fresh green stuff for slugs, roses and broad beans for aphids, need I go on?

Of course I also have loads of berries in the garden over winter as well as flowers and shrubs that bloom nearly every month of the year, so I do provide food for birds, bees and butterflies, ladybirds, hoverflies etc etc.  If only the pigeons would leave my vegetables alone!!


  • I know the feeling! My blackbirds love the cotoneaster berries whch I don't mind, but they also pick off the elderberries one by one just as they start to ripen- no chance of elderberry wine more's the pity- and they have developed a taste for blackcurrants too, which they used not to bother much about. It is going to have to be a proper fruit cage if I'm to get any of them!

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