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Hi I have a average to small garden and wish to grow a rose for its hips, can anyone suggest a suitable rose that has edible hips. Many thanks.  


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,550

    Edible hips? Do you mean as in rose hip syrup? After the second world war we kids were sent out by our schools to collect these for some mysterious body that converted them into rose hip syrup. Never got paid for it image They were just the hips of the wild dog rose.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 19,197

    Rosa Rugosa has among the best hips for culinary use, but it is prickly and can get quite big. 

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • Pansyface, I can also remember collecting rose hips at school.   Long time ago!   But how can you say we didn't get paid - we had a wonderful afternoon's ramble out in the sunshine, away from school desks and learning.   And the sun did shine in those far off days!

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