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I work at sea 8 months of a year and my back garden consists of grey stone slate chips and decking. I have troughs and tubs of veg and herbs along the back frence I would like to have a row of mini-fruit tress that grow no more than 2.5m high. In tubs. I intend to have an electronic watering system so thatthe trees are watered whwn I am at sea. I am struggling locally to find a grower who has such trees and suitable conbtainers. I could be looking at 12-20 trees, apple, pear plum, etc. Can anyone guide me to a suitable grower who can provide such trees? Local garden centres have trees but they are expensive and I would rather deal direct with a grower. many thanks and I look forward to replies. Cheers Neil


  • Many thanks for the contact. I will certainly be in touch with them. I was struggling to find any trees where I live or advice



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