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Front garden ideas and insipiration needed

Hellow everyone hope you all had a great Christmas and new year image, i started a thread end of last year here

had amazing help but have decided against a hedge , i am now going to put up a small fence around the garden were the original one is ( falling to bits now)and go around front of the road onto the paved area so fence will be sort of L shape but open on paved area were car is parked. (pics of garden in thread above)


i want to plant the end of the garden near the road and have a nice border with some height for privacy, i have recently cut the conifers down but not dug out yet a waiting for weather to be a bit better and not had a the garden i am wanting a lot of shrubs that grow a meter or so high but i also really want a small tree that will not be too high but give some nice privacy also wouldnt want the roots digging up the road or anything would plant a meter or so on garden so not right up to edge, any ideas or suggestions would be great just don't want getting huge and out of control also any other advice or information would be great


also new to all this should i be adding compost and plant food to my rear garden in spring and mixing in with hoe ? sorry if stupid question


thanks dean


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..just to help members, this is the image of your front garden from the other thread...



  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    Crab apples make nice small trees, as do Acers - especially the ones that have coloured stems for a bit of winter interest too (have a look at Sango-kaku for example)

  • Deano37Deano37 Posts: 14

    thanks for salino wasn't sure how to do that so thanks a lot, and chicky your right that sango kaku is stunning very beautiful tree, would i be able to keep at a certain height so doesnt get to big and high ? and are the roots OK and wont start bringing up the road once establishes etc if i plant a meter or so into my garden ? its perfect for what i want a nice looking tree that will also provide privacy.


    you think fence will look good following the road around the heading towards my house but still on the grass upto the tall conifer that is no no longer there  (left of pic), there will be a large opening were my car currently is and also with only the end of garden near road panted or you think will look fine ?. also a fence question my  drive slopes ever so slightly downwards from left to right, when i put fence up should i slope it or keep level ? keep level i imagine ?


    and do i buy large fence posts and cut in half or can you buy shorter ones and how deep should i put in ground in order to cement in ? and should i buy normal planks and cut a V shape as want the pointy planks on fence ? should all wood be killin dried or treated etc ? will be treating with fence paint after but every little helps just looking forward to getting stuck in now.

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    Well,  I'm glad you're replacing the fence Deano... it's not all that is it?... I would think keeping the fence the same height all the way around would be the right thing to do, it will look a bit odd otherwise.. for planting your tree, if it was mine, I would place it roughly in the middle of your lawn, just a little to the left of centre looking from the front there... normally I would make the hole 3 foot by 3 foot, but your lawn is quite small so I would probably get away with 2 x 2, but the tree would have to be staked for a couple of years...however, it's up to you where you put it... go with what you want to do... for planting shrubs... I always think it's best to choose what you really like yourself from the garden centres.. without getting anything too big... and not too many either, otherwise it looks like one of this and one of that and one of everything else... keep it simple... with a good space between each plant.. 5 foot... the same shrub repeated say twice more around the fence would join it all together...whatever else you put in...

    ...I wouldn't plant any Lilac bushes... for your tree, the one suggested is very pretty, I might also look at Amelanchier's and see what's available... grandiflora 'ballerina' was always one I favoured...

    ...yes you can spread compost around and feed the plants in your back garden about March time.... I'm not keen on using the hoe except for weeding, as it can damage surface roots... I just spread it over and let the rains wash it in...'s a shrub I like - Ribes 'Koja'... you'll find it in garden centres coming up shortly, as it flowers early in March, for several weeks.... it's quite stunning.... grows quickly to 5 foot and can be kept pruned...  if I was your neighbour in that lovely porch there, I'm afraid I'd be keeping an eye on your progress, but would be more than happy to see one of these out my window, each Spring...even if it was put there to block me out...

    best of luck...



  • Deano37Deano37 Posts: 14
    Hello and that's a lot for reply,yes going to replace the fence you see in picture and carry it on around the front of road and then towards the house up to the tall green conifer what is now chopped down, will look at the tree u suggested when get home and on laptop but I really want the tree off center and near the back of garden say a meter or so from the road, would a tree like the one suggested have huge roots or anything like that of a meter or so away from road ? And could I keep it cut to a certain height ? Will have to go to timber yard and see about prices of posts etc, will any treated wood do ? And how deep you normally cement posts in ? About a arms length

    Thanks again
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