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Hi there, looking for some general advice please.

We've cleared a space at the front of the house against the garage (brick wall), which is now looking a bit bear, but the ivy was an absolute beast! (we inherited it when we moved in!)

We'd like to grow probably an apple tree against the wall as an espalier.

Could any of you please advise if there are any better varieties to use, we like juicy and crunchy if that helps! also best time of year to plant and anything special we need to do to the soil?

We're in central Lancs and the wall is mostly south facing, slightly angled to the East if anything and it's quite well sheltered by the porch, it's a bit of a suntrap, but the ground does run down toward the garage, so there have been a couple of times this "summer" when we've paddled to the front door. drainage must be ok though because as soon as it stops raining it water goes away.

I've got a pretty good book that explains the basics, but since I've been using this forum I've learnt if nothing else nothing beats other peoples knowledge and experience.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Look at the Orange Pippin site.  Visit an Apple Day, they are all around the country.  Avoid Cox's Orange Pippin, it is one of the most 'challenging' (that is difficult) varieties.

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