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hi everyone

i have 2 buddleja buzz in large pots, that i would like to put in the garden, what i want to know is, when is the best time to move them, and when to cut them back, many thanks


  • You can move them now or in the spring. If you move them now they will have a good chance to settle in while the soil is still warm. Youu can cut them back a bit now and then hard back in the spring.

  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    thanks for your advice daitiness, i love them for the amount of butterflies they have attracted, but they look a bit too messy in the pots.

  • I planted a buddleia cutting from a pot into the garden last September. I prepared the soil well with some organic compost and made sure the roots were in as deep as I could get them. I can't remember wether I watered it or if we had enough rainfall but I made sure before it got enough moisture for a while, then before the temperature got too cold I piled more compost around the base as a mulch for the winter. I didn't cut it back at all until the spring and it rewarded me with lots of new growth and has had loads of flowering stems this summer. 

  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    I have three Buddleja 'buzz' and in the write-up it says they are ideal for container planting, I don't agree with this and they are far better planted in the ground, so you are definitely doing the right thing.  Mine have grown to 5ft and are still in flower, very important to deadhead too. 

    I have another that is just really a cutting, about 10inches tall with four big flowers and still making more budds.  It's in a clay pot but I'm not sure whether to leave it there during Winter or plant it in the ground now.  Just to say they are a fantastic species of Buddleja and because they are head height, all the better for seeing the butterflies that love them.

  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    thanks ladies, i agree, i dont think there very good in pots, i would love to take a cutting for my mum, can you explain how to do this, thanks


  • the flowers on my buddleja have all turned brown. Im guessing this is when I deadhead/trim back? How do i do this?

  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    hi frustrated gardener, i have deadheadeed mine a few times this year and always got a new flush of flowers, i just cut right below the dead flower, wether that is right, im not sure but it seems to have worked, good luck

  • hi,my buddleja were bought earlier this year,i put them in pots,and have had beautiful flowers on both,when they went brown they were cut off,now they have flowered beautifully again,they are fed regulary,perhaps it's the size of the pot that matters

  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    The way I take cuttings from Buddleja is to snip off 10 inch hardwood stems (do a few) and cut just below a leaf bud. I put the cuttings in one of my planted pots and just leave them there until Spring when they should have rooted. It’s always been successful doing it this way and I have never used hormone rooting liquid.

    I've always grown Buddleja and in my experience in the first year they suit pots beautifully but two years on and they will definitely need to be planted in the ground. 

  • lynne24lynne24 Posts: 121

    thanks for the tip gracie5, i bought 3 buddleja buzz fromTM this year, i put 1 in the garden and the other 2 in large pots outside my front door, the 1 in the garden looks really neat but the 2 in pots look a bit of a mess although very healthy, also the 2 in pots i have to water every other day, i can see them from my living room and it is lovely seeing them full of butterflies and bees, but i will take your tip and take acutting for my mum, thanks again

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