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Overwintering Regal Pelargoniums

I have some regal pelargoniums outside in my garden. 

I want to keep them for next year and wonder how to overwinter them.

a)  Do I prune them hard ?

b)  Do I pot them up and put them in an unheated shed ?

c)  Do I pot them up and take them into my house ?

d)  How often should I water them ?





  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,626

    Last autumn I decided to save, rather than bin, some of my pelargoniums so I pruned them quite hard and transferred them from their hanging baskets to fresh compost in window boxes which I kept on window sills indoors (not near radiators) over the winter.  They did very well with an occasional watering.

    I shan't be keeping those plants this year but will be trying the same trick with some fuchsias and a regal pelargonium.


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  • Chris 7Chris 7 Posts: 102


    They seem quite easy.   You'll enjoy regal Pelargoniums ... the blooms are like velvet !



  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi Chris , I have a little collection of Regals and I keep mine overwintered in the conservatory . I cut them back hard when they have fiished flowering and only water them slighty when they are dry. I've been using this method for years now and have several cuttings from them  (which I also kept ! )  I love these plants - like you say the blooms are beautiful. I don't often put them out though . It gets a bit windy at times where I live.

    When they come out of dormancy, I give them a drench of Epsom salts. That seems to really bring them on. Had mine several years now. Lord Bute is one of my favourites. image

  • Chris 7Chris 7 Posts: 102



    Is your conservatory heated ?  

    Thanks for the Epsom Salts hint !


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Chris, to be honest it's more like a greenhouse ! We do have heating in there but don't put it on unless it's really cold - it's a squeeze to sit in there with all the plants.  Don't leave it on all the time though. Regals are tough little plants as long as they are kept frost free.

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