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Hi everyone i have Begonia Apricot shades for hanging baskets the pkt says i can sow them from mid jan . i have read up on them and they say they are a bit hit and miss to grow does anyone have any any expertise on how to grow them .


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    Begonia are a bit tricky to grow from seed, you must sow on the surface, I would add some vermiculite to your compost mix . Do not water from the top the seeds seem to disintegrate ( i found this out on half my apricot seeds last season ). After sowing soak the pots in a tray of warm water for 20 mins/until surface is damp,  pop them in a heated propagator 21 -25C with plenty of light. I don't think it be possible without a heated propagator unless your house is really warm. I wouldn't get your hopes up like you said a bit hit and miss

    I sow them now, begonia seem to take ages to get going. I am going to sow mine tomorrow hopefully need some quality compost. 

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    i have just opened the pkt for the Begonia seeds i knew they would be small but i needed binioculers to see them image i was hoping to go with apricot shade and begonias looked nice i am now finding myself looking at other options as i am not 2 hopeful of anything growing . do you have any ideas on any other trailing apricot shades of flowers .

  • Evening, all.   New member here, and first post, but I have been watching with great interest and delight for several weeks.   Wills, have you given any thought to buying small plugs of apricot shade cascading begonias?   I bought some in 2009, and they are still going strong.   I am now cutting and dividing the corms because they have grown so well.   Plugs are so easy, maybe not the same cachet as growing from seed, but almost guaranteed to succeed.   Good luck.

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     Hello O of 7, welcome to the site, I would absolutely agree about buying the begonias in plug form,  I have grown them from seed but hardly had enough for any use. Buy the plugs in March, pot them up then pot on again before planting out afer all frosts have gone. 

    When they have finished flowering, you can save the corms for next year. Well worth the extra money to do it that way.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Hi folks 

    I planted my begonia seeds the first week of Jan

    I was well pleased with the germination 16 days and they where poking there heads through the tray looks like a green mass but over the last 3 weeks not alot is happening they are all so small. Can anyone please give me any tips on this please I took the dome off after they came up .should I have left the dome on longer or what do you think I'm doing wrong

    Thank you 


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