Ideas for some instant Autumn colour please

Have some empty space and would like a quick splash of colour, but bit stuck for ideas. Pot mums maybe or something similar ?



  • Violas have such a long flowering season and you can choose a colour scheme to suit your taste. They are available everywhere. I bought some frilly pansies last year and the scent was gorgeous - I had some in buckets hooked on a trellis arch at the front door. I understand that some think they are gaudy - I used to - but I plant muted colours and they really lift the garden at this time of year.

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    Christopher-wallflowers for autumn colour??image

    -I doubt it for spring perhaps?-unless the colour is green of courseimage

  • I would recommend Asters eg. Aster Frikartii Monch. Mine has been in flower for over a month and is still going strong but there are many other late summer flowering varieties.Also good are some of the perennial geraniums. I have Geranium Dilys and it is flowering really well still.Hardy Chrysanthemums also good

  • Thanks all. I've got some Violas and hardy Chrysanths.

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    Memo to self - must wear my glasses - I read that as "Will get those plants for my space ship" 

    image image image

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  • Oh Christopher- you are funny-I am going to grass over all of my garden now for year round green colour- I will never have to garden again-well just to cut the grass -thanks for the advice

    You are priceless-don't ever changeimage-oh and don't stop posting

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    :- D :- D Dove, that is hilarious!!

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