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Has anyone made their own greenhouse staging?

Have finally bought small greenhouse (6' x 6') but with high eaves to allow more growing area. I now need some staging and wondered if anyone has made their own and if so, what have they used? I prefer to use recycled materials and have some wooden pallets spare.



  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    Hello Julie - My Hubby made my staging out of aluminium frames and roofing batons - I am sorry but I can't remember where we bought the aluminium frames as it was years ago imageI am not being very helpful am I image

    Pam LL x

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,009

    When we relocated my greenhouse to a sunnier position last autum, we put in 4 3 x 3 fence posts cut to size along one side - two in the corners and 2 further in at a distance measured to fit the wire shelving grids from an old plastic greenhouse.  I then screwed roofing battens horizontally to the posts and laid the shelving grids across them.  Works a treat and the shelving can be removed if I want to do something like tie in cordon tomatoes after all the early seedlings have gone out in the garden..

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  • Julie, I have made staging and also made the basic mistake of under estimating how heavy trays of grit with plant pots full of soil and plants can be (and I am an engineer), my first effort many years ago slowly collapsed with everything on it as I was at the opposite end of the green house to the door, it took a while to clear space to get out as it was partially propped up by large pots on the other side.
    In this green house I have two stagings against the wall I made, and two aluminium stagings I can remove when winter turns to the tomato season on the other side.
    Having some old four by four fence posts, I made a good top frame resting on four solids legs then braced the back and side legs, across the top having some 2x1 wood cut it into batons and lay it across the top frame screwing some of them down, in my case I also screwed the top to the wall which with your greenhouse you will not be able to do, So two home made stagings, I split them in case I want one out and built a sand box with heating cables on one of them, that is heavy although has not moved in the years it has been there. You do not brace the front as you store things under the stage.
    Four good solid legs
    A good frame on top
    Brace the back and sides
    Then use your pallet flats for the top
    Put a small pave under each leg to stop it sinking into the ground.
    good luck,

  • Everyone, thanks for the really interesting advice. I've been looking at some pics of staging on the net and am going to have a go using your suggestions along with the pics to make it. I'm sure it'll end up looking pretty unique!!image Thanks again, Julie


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    When I got my first greenhouse I was so broke I couldn't afford any decent staging. So I went to the local recycling centre and found discarded metal office shelving which worked fine, though did look a bit hillbilly. I've gradually upgraded over the years to aluminium staging with removable slats which gives me all the flexibility I need through the growing seasons.

  • My partner and his sons built me staging out ot pallets, sawed them up and nailed them together for a long staging down one side about 4ft high on legs used from pallets - its lasted the summer and still standing image

  • JulieS2JulieS2 Posts: 18

    Thanks all, the pallets worked well for the majority of the staging, the rest of it from odds and ends of wood and we had to buy a couple of pieces. But, all in all, a good job done. We took Frank's advice and braced the back and sides and the legs won't sink as we paved the floor with flagstones. Smashing! Now I need to work out what veg I can grow at this time of year.............image

  • Beck 2Beck 2 Posts: 1

    Hi, there is a website  where you can get quality staging at really good prices. They also make them to size  - would definitely recommend...



  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,297

    My staging is made from concrete block walls with 3 feet by 2 feet paving slabs  laid horizontally on top. But then, my staging has to support a rock garden.

    If you then scroll through the images you will come to the next set of benches which are paving slabs laid on fencepost legs.

    Sorry cannot get the images to show directly.



  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,492

    Serious staging that Berghill image I want one or 2 image

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