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Can anyone help, I have started feeding the birds in my garden, I have put in a bird table, with seed hangers and fat balls and a few other bits, I would like to feed all the birds in my garden, accept, the Starlings just seem to empty everything and the smaller birds don't get a look in, any suggestions would be helpful!!



  • Well that's it then the Starlings seem to come out on top, there doe'snt seem to be anything to deterr them!! more's the pity!!

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    You can try changing what you feed.

    Starlings are very fond of fat balls, so you could stop feeding them and switch to mixed seed instead - that might give the smaller birds a better chance.

    Also, you can get fine mesh feeders which starlings can't get their beaks through - have a look in a good garden centre.

  • Thank's for your reply Alina, I will certainly have a look for those feeders and give them a try, Should rename these Starling's to Vultures!!

  • But they are endangered, and great fun to watch - fantastic mimics too and beautiful feathers.   I feed suet pellets in another part of the garden - they're cheap and that keeps them away from the smaller birds' more expensive food.

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  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Supermarkets "own brand" breakfast oats are small and cheap and everything seems to love them.  They aren't quite as easy for the starlings to eat quickly tooimage

  • I love starlings, they are so cheeky and with numbers dwindling they need all the hep they can get.
  • It is a pleasure watching starlings in my garden especially when they visit the bird table in the afternoon(between 2&3 pm). they are a sociable group and arrive together. they have alot to say and after feeding enjoy a good bath in the birdbath and the small fountain. Then suddenly they are gone. They take their chances for food with rooks, wood pigions and magpies.

    I help feed the smaller birds by hanging feeders by the patio from the pergola which they share with the squirrels. Small birds are quite ternacious and do alright, thank you!! I don't think there is a way of segregating them. If we could, we would apply that to human beings and there would be no wars and no precious freedom.

  • Thankyou all for your reply's, I did'nt think my question would get such a varied response. 

  • Carol, we are an extremely diverse group with a huge range of opinions ..... And we love posting them!
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