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SHJ3SHJ3 Posts: 4

My lawn is bubbling up and the roots don't seem to be going down into the earth.  I had lots of moss but have used a scarifier and moss treatment but it is not getting any better.  I have Ash trees (the councils) outside the fence would this have anything to do with it?  Help!! please


  • SHJ3SHJ3 Posts: 4

    Wlll post as soon as possble, away from home at the moment.

  • SHJ3SHJ3 Posts: 4

    Bubbly lawn is the only way I can describe it, it is extremely soft like walking on a 4 inch thick foam.  There appear to be tunnels under the surface but no mole mounds or anything anywhere.  Impossible to mow but nice to walk on. !!!



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,421

    As well as mole hills my resident moles make very superficial tunnels that disturb the surface of the ground, your description sounds right

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • I had tunnels just below the surface of my lawn- made interesting patterns wiggling all over it where the grass above died in the summer due to the roots being disturbed I imagine. I was told by a friend it was probably voles or rats but didn't find any other evidence of either. 

  • SHJ3SHJ3 Posts: 4

    Thanks for all the replies. If it is voles can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of them please?

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