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Gardening challenges for 2015

Anyone planning anything  specific?

In the past I've specialised in growing roses & sweet peas,.......this year I'm going to attempt to grow those gorgeous incurve chrysanths. I know the basics and I know it will be a faff, but looking forward to the challenge.




  • D0rdogne_DamselD0rdogne_Damsel Saint Yrieix La Perche, Haute Vienne/Dordogne border. FrancePosts: 3,797

    Hoping that my new Rose garden blooms beautifully despite a few misgivings about my choices from helpful 'experts' (not from the Forum btw), fingers crossed. They are going to get so much TLC what could possibly go wrong? image

    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 7,995

    My challenge for 2015 is to glaze my second hand greenhouse at the allottment 

    Build a fruit cage 

    Tame the rasberry forest 

    should keep me busy

    happy gardening everybodyimage


     Googled pic:

    This is what I'm going to try for.

  • I'm going to try and plant up my raised bed if I can find the right long flowering plants.
  • YviestevieYviestevie Kingswinford, West MidlandsPosts: 6,818

    Find a bit more space to cram more flowers in image thats definitely going to be a challenge.  Unless I dig up the lawnimage

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,356

    I'm aiming for my jungle garden this year



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,356

    technically NEXT year. sorry. image


  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Next year is going to be one of the most challenging of my eighty or so years of gardening.  Bristol where I garden is next year's Green Capital of Europe so each day i will try to be as ecologically friendly as I possibly can to help.  I will start a new thread so will appreciate all the help I can get from you all.

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    My specific thing for 2015 is to get some hard landscaping down - but also have lots of native flower seeds. Going to try them out in various pots and containers just to see what results are possible, bit of a diversion from the the second year of growing veg, which will no doubt dominate most of the time in spring at least.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 10,206

    Good luck Pauline image

    Growing potatoes in an old compost sack is also pretty rewardingimage

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