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geraniums (spelling?)

Hello all, been a little while but I'm hoping one/some of you can help please.

I have 6 young ish geranium plants in terracotta pots, (bit old school but they do look lovely!) image

When I bought them this summer from  my local garden centre the nice man said that they don't like being too wet..... yep struggled with that one this summer but also if I took them in this winter they would be fine for next year.

Now here's the dilemma, I've no green house (yet) looking to invest next year, and I've nowhere really to keep them in the house, limited window sills..... however I've got quite  a sheltered little spot at the front of the house between the porch and the garage which is south facing, do you thing they might make it through the winter or am I going to have to convince the much beloved that maybe the porch is the best place for them over the winter......?


  • Is the porch actually inside the house, and frost free. They could be overwintered in a cool conservatory.

    An alternative method of overwintering these plants, which is much better if you have a lot of them, is to remove them from their pots, and gently shake off all the soil.

    The 'dry' plants can then be stored, inside your house. You could tie them into a bundle and hang them up somewhere. I believe that hanging upside down is best. Or wrap the bundle in newspaper and store it in a draw (which is what I do).

    It's essential that the stems and leaves don't develop mould. They shouldn't if the plants are dry and remain dry.

    Keep examining them, particularly as next Spring comes round. You should see the stems and roots beginning to sprout new growth. Pot them up and away they'll go.

    You can also keep pelegoniums by taking cuttings, though that involves a lot more work, and you need a frost-free greenhouse. I'm sure there are many others here who overwinter pelegonums and who can give you some more tips...

  • Thanks both!

    Definitely Geraniums, I've still got the labels.... I'm a bit rubbish at remembering plant names so I tend to hold on to any labels! the porch is inside, frost free but still quite chilly!

    I'll give the drying out a try I think, they weren't very expensive but I do hate to lose any plants if I can help it.

    I'll let you know how I go! image

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Moonlit Hare-bit of confusion

    There a geraniums commonly called cranesbills which is an herbaceous perennial that grows outside in the borders and can stay out all year round

    Then there are bedding geraniums -these are strictly pelargoniums despite what the label may so- a tender plant that will not survive frost but can be kept from year to year

    What most people call geraniums are usually pelargoniums-confusing isn't it?

    You have pelargoniums by the sound of it.

  • oh my life!!!! so confusing! Thanks Chaps!,

    The much beloved will come around, I might have to tie him a couple of new flies for fishing as a softener but it usually works! image

  • Isn't it a nuisance this confusion with the name Geranium. Why on earth do nurseries and garden centers persist in calling Pelargoniums, Geraniums?. I thought that was sorted years ago. People have said to me, they didn't know there was such a plant as a hardy geranium, thinking of course as the so tender pelargoniums. 

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