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Making enquiries about the talktalk    uview box 

Got one in November ,  but unsure about it ,what are your views?

 What extras do you pay for and what do you get free. 

Wondering if it's the root of all our technical problems , though internet connection seems better today.

 Oh to be technically mindedimage 

THAT    I'm notimage


  • We have you view box - we just have Freeview tv you get to watch iplayers on the tv free and you can rewind and fast forward programmes and watch them later is missed

    Have had to turn boxes off a few times internet playing up but then think our phone line is too - has messed up the dvd recorder will have to get that sorted yet to record the garden programmes

    think ok still not quite sure was worse near the beginning of having it , had it since October time

    Hampshire Gardener
  • I have had a youview box from BT for a few years now and apart from one element its an excellent bit of kit. I don't pay for any extras. So what you get free is all the freeview channels and the free iplayer channels. You will need decent broadband for the latter.

    The way it combines a disk recorder and the iplayer functins is pretty good. One click to record anything, it will record 2 shows at a time or play and record at the same time etc. 7 days guide,  Its great, I love it.

    But, I am on my third box so far, freely replaced under contract but all saved programs lost each time it fails. Good bit of kit otherwise though.



  • No recorder on ours we have a separate one, we are on TalkTalk  forgot to say that

    Hampshire Gardener
  • The whole point of the device is being able to record. Even pausing live TV is recording. 

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    Thanks for that  Edd , knew I could rely on you.    image

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