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What decorative stone to use?

Hi all, After some advice please. I have began doing up the garden and have installed a shed and the area surrounding it is just dirt, so looking to lay down some decorative stone to make the area good. The fence panels are a dark brown in colour and my house is white. I was just after advice and opinion on what colours and types of stone would look good? Dark? Light? Any help or links to items/pictures would be much appreciated


  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    Our cottage is white with terracotta pan tiled roof .we used "Lakeland stone"  but whatever you use do your homework on pricing.we went to a supplier who got it in the raw state.

  • You could use slate which you can get in different colours, Shingle, seashells, do not use cocoa shells as cats will use it for a toilet, even if it looks and smells nice to you, it won't for long.

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    There are so many different styles and colours of paving. It also depends on personal taste and budget. This is my favourite sort of paving but it's probably expensive.


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    I'm definitely gonna rule out paving as the area wouldn't allow that and I've alreadyaid down the fabric ready for decorative stones. As the area will be walked on a fair bit too thinking that slate would break up fairly quickly?

    What's peoples thoughts on cream decorative shone? Would that look good with the mentioned colour scheme. Or should I be looking at darker colours?

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  • We have off-white limestone chippings on our driveway, which look very good especially when the sun shines on them.  However I've seen them in other places that get little sunshine and they soon get green algae on them in the shade.

    Another option would be pea shingle which is relatively cheap, or the more attractive version Golden Gravel which is a little more expensive.  The golden colour looks warm and would blend with your white house and the brown fence.  It's available from most builders merchants.

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    I would suggest taking a look around locally at what is on discount.

    I've just been through the same process, looked at dozens of things online. Thought I had decided started to budget and plan, then walked into a local branch of Travis Perkins and saw pallet loads of heavily discounted paving.

    It was quite unlike anything I had 'picked' online, but I really thought it was much nicer. Just need to do some final measuring then I think I'll be down there ordering a few pallets. image The stuff I saw was much like the type Busy-Lizzie has posted, we have a brick house though and I think it works very well.

    I think the reality of lighter colours like sand stones as walking areas is they may end up with lots of muddy footprints in our garden, seems you can't go out there for two minutes without picking up mud from somewhere.

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    I don't think I understood what you meant by "decorative stone". Do you mean stone like gravel or chippings? I thought you meant paving stones. We have pea gravel (on a membrane to stop weeds) around OH's shed, looks good, cheap and easy to do.

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    I've got an area under my pergola where I used tumbled paviours into which I've randomly put some roughly-round stepping-stones that are embossed with named native tree leaves. The stones are buff/cream and I still see them at g/c's. Mine have been down about 25yrs now and still in excellent condition - when they're scrubbed up a bit - which reminds me image 

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,650

    Sam, this is an old thread, dating from December 2014. Read probably chose his stone ages ago.

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