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Plastic Greenhouses

Does anyone else winter cuttings in a plastic greenhouse?  My garden is small and just big enough for a plastic greenhouse.  This time of year I line it out with horticultural fleece and keep my fingers crossed for the cuttings.  I have done this for about five years and although I do lose some I usually manage to keep a fair amount of geranium cuttings and some fuchias (except for the really bad winter last but one, and then I lost them all), but I was wondering if anyone else did the same and if so maybe had some tips to pass on.


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  • Your own experience is the best guide.

    Gardens in towns are warmer than those in rural areas, and some plants are more tolerant of low temperatures than others.

    But no amount of fleece or bubblewrap can keep a greenhouse frost free if the weather becomes severe and prolonged. The only way of keeping the frost out in severe conditions is with some form of heating. Or bring precious plants indoors.


  • Thank you both for your replies.  I like to try and grow cuttings for baskets, pots etc. and this is the only way. Hollie-Hock, I also have a home-made cold frame but am not sure just when to transfer seeds from the windowsill to the cold frame.  Would love advice please as I would like to try tomatoes from seed.  (Cold frame mainly used for perrinial (sorry not right spelling) cuttings in case I lose any in the garden over winter.)

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