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Providing the digital camera can be combined with some daylight and my son, there should hopefully be a picture of my greehouse with my next blog.....mind you, knowing my techo-ability you may be treated to the family holiday shots instead!

Yes I do heat it, but it depends on precisely the weather is like and what I am growing.....could be unheated this winter but all of a sudden my son's tender plants including his germinated coconut have been moved in!!



  • Could you show a picture of your greenhouse, it would be nice to see one!
  • Do you heat your greenhouse?
    And if so, when do you turn on the heating?
  • i have bought my self a small Green House for Chirstmas and wish to grow Tomatoes, Peppers and anything edible next year.
    i am a complete beginner has any body got any tips
  • How lovely to have your own greenhouse in which to lose yourself. I'm still waiting for mine. I can't wait to grow melons and peppers and other fragiles into the beginning of winter. One can dream...
  • I am a novice gardener have just bought my greenhouse and am totally besotted with it. It is a great place to chill out among the chillies and make plans for the veg plot next year. It has really added a new dimension to the garden and as I am in Scotland I am growing peaches and a vine under glass. everything is possible!
  • I have an ordinary small glass greenhouse which I love but your greenhouse is also the greenhouse of my dreams! I'd also love to see a picture and dream about maybe one day.
  • Hi Pippa, lovely article. You have inspired me to go out into the garden and build my first greenhouse. Wish the weather would warm up a bit though.
    Cheers, C G
  • When I bought my octagonal greenhouse my mum said "It won't be big enough" and she's right! I am now obsessed with what I can grow in it and last year had cucumbers, aubergines, chillis and capsicum peppers coming out of my ears (not literally)!
  • We had out greenhouse put up last year so intend to use it well this year at the moment all the seeds are planted and growing, have had part of the garden rotavated to plant pumpkins, marrows and winter veg, a raised bed for lots of summer produce plus toms, chilies and peppers will let to know if all succeed.
  • Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the best way to grow peppers as i have only just started to grow fruit and veg
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