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Green house

WillsWills Posts: 262

Its the depth of winter has anyone got anything growing in there green house at the moment i have pansy, viola . tulips, growing  with sweet peas  image.


  • My first winter as a greenhouse owner and it's absolutely stuffed full of cuttings (Lavender, Euonymus), late purchases in pots that I haven't found a home for yet (Cotinus, Cistus, Sarcococca confusa, Hebe Pagei, Cornus, Fuchsia, Campanula, Pulsatilla), seedlings (more Pulsatilla, Mahonia, Astrantia, Knautia, Libertia, various Alliums), Wallflowers waiting to be planted out in the first bit of decent weather after the New Year, pots of bulbs (Narcissi, Tulips, Crocus, Miniature Iris, Scilla) out of reach of the local Squirrel population, a potted Lemon Verbena, a potted Gerbera, a potted Restio (a South African grass) and a gift from one of my daughters of some young Verbena bonariensis that she bought at what must have been one of the latest plant sales of the year!image. Oh! .. and some sweet peas.

    I hope we get a nice early spring, because I've got to move these out before early seed sowing starts.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,415

    I've got lots of seedlings, many off the seed swap, some not too hardys I picked up from a nursery in autumn, nothing tende, (1.4C out there atm), lavenders/fuchsias/rosemarys,  nearly hard.

    And some fuchsias as lodgers while works are done at a friend's houseimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Various perennials including verbena, geums, chrysanthemums, coreopsis, papaver etc. These were tiny plugs I have been growing on since April! Also got a few unknown things I have grown from seed (forgot to label) and some roses I bought bare root but potted on til I've decided where they're going. Finally a young agapanthus which I lifted. I hope my huge africanus survives in the border, leaves are still green but I haven't fleeced it.

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    every body seems to be doing well with there growing  image what size of green house do you have Edd ?? your green house must be bursting at the seems image

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    sorry Edd mi read replies keepitlive you must have a large green house to grow all these plants image

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    My greenhouse is stuffed with half-hardy perennials, cuttings and a banana plant I was given. Later there will be seeds, but by late May they will all be in the garden and the greenhouse will be empty!

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,491

    i have a few plants, mainly perennials - lupin - delphiniums - achillea - kniphoria ( red hot poker ) - geraniums - lavender - foxgloves - wallflowers and some other odd bits. 

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,491

    i have a greenhouse if your asking me edd , i couldnt get in it earlier doors froozen solid 

  • Wills - my GH is 10' x 8' 5". When I got it, I thought it would be plenty big enough for my needs, but it's true what they say - 'It won't be long before you wish you had got a bigger one'. The only reason it's so full, is that I have this habit of buying plants/propagating/sowing seeds before I have places in the garden to put them.

    Resolving that is my number one New Year Resolution...againimageimageimage

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