Origins of specific plants

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I have a Plant Profile to complete for my Horticulture course, and I was wondering if any of you know of any good websites that might help me. My plant is Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'. I want really like to find out about the origin of this plant.



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    Bean is your man, I should think. I don't know if the books are online.  Enquire in the library.

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    If you look up Otto Luyken (the man) in Wiki you'll have a start. 

  • Thanks a million. Mimage

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    It seems to me that there are two ways of looking at this question.

    When you talk about the origins of this plant, then that might refer to how this species evolved, as a distinct plant, and how it's related to all other plants.

    That involves comparing all its different parts - leaves, stem, root, flowers, etc, with those of other plants. You could write a huge amount along those lines. The sorts of things that are involved in that are here:

    Or you could be thinking about how this particular variety came about. You could try to find out if that particular plant was simply selected, or bred in some way, by Otto Luyken, and what would have been involved in doing that.

    There doesn't seem to be much available about the life of Otto Luyken, beyond the fact that he ran a tree nursery. There are a couple of books which mention a similar name, but checking the dates, those are different people.

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    I think this has got to be our man. 

  • Guys you are fab!!! Thanks so much. I'm away to do some research now. image

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