lightweight spade and fork set

I wish to purchase a ligthweight fork and spade set for my elderly father.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I understand that Fiskars do a set but I have seen mixed reviews.


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    You could have a look at the Wilkinson Sword stainless steel range - they are lighter than average but still strong. If your father doesn't do large scale digging any more, but just works on keeping borders tidy, you might also consider a border spade and fork - these are 2/3 the size of the normal items, so considerably lighter.

  • I'm looking for one at the moment and I've come across a Spear and Jackson one that they say is 25% lighter than a normal border spade. I'm going to have a look at that one. Hope that helps.

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