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Verbena Bonensiaris

TbirdTbird Posts: 8


I haven't yet cut back my Verbena and notice that there are lots of new shoots growing  high up on the top branches - is it a good time to take shoots and pot them on then prune the mother plant?  Wouldn't want to lose the chance of free plants, but also don't want to lose the mother plant?  Help appreciated.  Thanks and Seasons Greetings!


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 27,229

    I've never tried them from cuttings. Mine seed everywhere so I''m never short of them.

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 17,013

    I wouldnt do cuttings now as they all need some degree of warmth, you can cut them down in the spring, say around Mid March or your original plants will be weak and leggy. Cutting down then will allow them to bush our from the bottom. Not cutting down weather now.  You will probably see all the little seedlings as Hosta says, you can transplant those wherever you want then, in the Spring again.

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  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 6,055

    I have never tried them from cuttings but why not give it a go with a couple of the highest shoots? As Lyn says - you definitely shouldn't cut them hard back now - but a few shoots won't hurt. Give them a bit of bottom heat & a really light spot & it might work. If not try again in spring when you tidy the plants up.

    If there are still flower / seed heads on I would also gather some of those (on a dryish day) and try them in a seed tray. It's not the best time of year for collecting them but they germinate so easily it's probably worth a try.

    VB's are not usually long lasting plants. They survive a certain degree of  cold but they don't like cold & wet - especially heavy soils. I also find they can get a bit scruffy after a couple of years so usually have some babies on the go somewhere over winter to replace casualties (heavy clay soil image) & old plants.

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  • TbirdTbird Posts: 8

    Thanks all for your tips,  I'll take a few cuttings and leave them in the warm for the next few months, get them off to a good start!



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,961

    I took cuttings a month ago and they look ok in the greenhouse.

    Last march i took a load of cuttings from overwintered plants. They rooted really well and made good plants.

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  • I cut my bonariensis back by about half in the winter to avoid wind rock, then I cut them back to about 6 ins. in the Spring when the new shoots begin to appear. I put the removed tops on the compost heap which gives me sufficient new plants to give away or replant as the new plants grow in all sots of unexpected places such as paths or amongst the veg., etc. I have never bothered with cuttings but agree now is probably the most demanding time to take them.

    Give it a go.

  • I have noticed sideshoots on my VBs for the first time ever.  They are bought plants rather than my own seedlings so the clue may be there somewhere. Have taken some cuttings but it's touch and go for them at present. The sideshoots I left on the plant look better so may have done it too soon, and will have another go in Spring before cutting the whole plant back to ground level.

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