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My aubergines have produced very little food this year but plants look healthy, I was considering removing the few remaining flowers and putting my portable cold frame over the plants to see if they would over winter - they are next to a south facing wall though we do live in Yorkshire so they will have to withstand a Yorkshire winter. Would moving them in to a greenhouse be better? I thought the cold frame solutioon would cause less root disturbance.

Have also just discovered two peanut plants in my green house- I had given up on them completely having planted them in spring but I suppose the slightly less awful weather two weeks ago must have helped, Will they overwinter inside ready for planting out for a (mammoth harvest next autumn) any one have any experience?


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Aubergines are like tomatoes, chillies, etc, in that technically they are perennials but are grown as annuals. Mainly because, in cooler climates, winter kills them off. A cold frame wouldn't keep them warm enough. You'd need at least a heated greenhouse. I know people who have overwintered them but in a warm climate. The results were mixed.

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