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Colocasia care


I have just bought a Colocasia Black Magic but I'm not sure what to do to get it through the winter. It is still in its pot so I can bring it indoors if needed (also have a greenhouse but it is unheated). If anyone can help that would be great. It's a lovely plant & looks just like a baby elephant shaking its ears!


  • That is a gorgeous plant, and I can understand you wanting to overwinter it.

    I've tried doing this a couple of times, with only limited success. It can be done.

    My understanding is that it's best if the plant can be kept in warm and wet and bright conditions. Humidity is important too. So if the air is dry then a bowl of water may help, to provide damp air for the leaves. If you search on the web you can find Colocasia enthousiasts in the US who have garages and cellars equiped with artificial lights etc.

    I have overwinterd one by bringing it into the house and keeping it well watered, but it looked very sorry. I thought the plant had died, and was about to discard it in the Spring, and found that the bulb was still firm and viable.

    I have not actually managed to get the weird flower to open properly either. This was mine....

    Perhaps someone else may have had more success, or know another way...
  • Thanks for your comments Gary - like you say, there is info on the web but it all relates to plants in the US not here. I might try bringing it into the conservatory. At least I now know not to throw the bulb out if the rest of the plant dies. Hope yours flowers next year.

    Thanks for your help

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