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Mel MMel M Posts: 347

A friend of mine is passionate, crazy some would say, about chillies. I gave him two types I grew this year - each around 1000,000 SU. Nice and tasty he said but a little on the cool side. So I have ordered some Jamaican Scorpion chilli seed to grow just for him. And I mean just for him because they are 2.2 million SU so no one else will get a look in even on bended knees.

I just hope we have a decent summer or he will be disappointed. Having said that, I still have Aji Lemon Drop ripening in my tunnel when they should now be asleep.



  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Whoops. In my last post I should have typed 100,000SU not 1000,000SU. Sorry.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    image.. that sounds hot Mel...I went to a chilli fest in the summer at Holker  now they had some hot chillies.. which would burn the roof off your mouth...not sure where they came on the richter scale though...

    There's a local nursery near us called Mommoth Onions and they sell a good range of chilli plants. Me thinks I'll grow from seed but buy the really hot one's as plugs...

  • Have just germinated some dozen types from a company in Finland, they have the best web site for Chillies I have ever seen.Loads of info ,heat levels etc. very comprehensive but simple to follow.

    They advise now is the best time to sow in the uk .

    I know that they do need a long time to produce reasonable early crop.which is one of my main reasons for such an early start .

    Problem with low light does mean seedlings a little spindly so have used foil to reflect the low winter light levels.

  • What's the website called? My OH is interested to see it.

  • Just search for and you will see  the many refs to it.

    Hope it is enjoyed !!!

    This month it is free postage for all orders over the minumum of 15 euros.

    It takes Pay Pal so no problem with the sterling.

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    The company that I use are in the UK - (note the spelling.) They sell everything to do with chillies including sauces and chutneys and have loads of info. They also sell concentrated chilli oils (capsacin) up to 16 million SHU which you measure out with a thoothpick !!!! In fact one of their chilli sauces called '10 minute burn' has been banned from 4 chilli fests because some customers who tried it had hallucinations or were rolling around on the grass in pain. That only had 7.2 million SHU oil in it. They also make a '20 minute burn' sauce!!

    I said I had purchased Jamaican Scorpion seed, when in fact it is Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seed.

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Hi November Member.

    Just received my chilli seeds with instructions. It states that if your chilli plants are 'leggy', seeing as they will produce roots from their buried stem you can transplant them so that their stems are covered in soil up to the base of their first cluster of leaves. Nice to know.

  • My school photograph looks like that! image

  • Thanks for this. but according to some experts Chillies are not stem rooting like tomatoes which can be buried.

    Other members might have some practical experience and might be able to share their observations. 

    I have in the past buried stems of Chillies to make them more stable, but whether it helps or hinders not sure.

    I think that I will see what they are like when they are a few week's older with "true  leaves"and then decide. 


  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    That is the amaising thing about gardening, everyone has differing opinions about what is the correct way of doing things. Trial and error makes thing interesting - if sometimes disappointing!

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